Liteon LTR 40125S and Roxio WinOnCD 5?

Hi everybody!

My dad bought his new burner, but he uses only Winoncd for his audio cds.

I downloaded the newest uni drivers but still don’t work !

How can i use the writer with Winoncd 5?

I don’t think it’s supported…

And I don’t know if it will be supported either…

You may try to brows this directory:

under the 5pe folder there is a servicepack that was uploaded 4. April… You may try that one.

Well i am using WinOnCd5.0 and a LiteOn40125W. I dont know why do you want to use Roxio Software insted of Aheads Nero but its possible with two little entries in the Registry.
I have made this changes for my W model so I have to change the entries to your burner model. Therefore please tell me the correct Modelnumber (sure its a 40125S?) and the installed Firmwareversion.
Then Im going to send you the *.reg files via e-mail.
Im working under XP prof. so i dont know if the reg files work under any other OS!

hi thx for the replies but it works now!

just installed aspi 4.70! lol

Got the same problem with Winoncd 5.02 + LTR-40125S + firmware ZS0K and Win XP Pro

Can you help me out???


i solved this problem.

Before the liteon, there was a plextor 12x. Winoncd took the mm_pl**.dll for liteon. u can remove winoncd and install it again, but it recognize the liteon as a plextor.

i renamed the mm_pl**.dll to mm_pl**.dll.old and winoncd took the right driver.


I use another driver and get slower speeds, but how can you get the 40X to burn at 40X with WinOnCd 5?

I use winoncd5, nero5.5.9.0, easy de creater, clonecd, cdrwin …
All these programs work without having to use the file that can be downloaded at nero.
The only thing is that WinOn and easy cd can’t recognize my ltr-40125s as beeing a 40X burner.