Liteon LTR-24102B and Safedisc 2.9

Has anyone been able to produce a working (non-emulated) copy with this drive? I’ve tried the latest releases of Alcohol 120 and Blindwrite Suite but to no avail with Safedisc 2.9.

I told by Phoenix (Alcohol-Soft) that there is a bug in the latest firmware for this drive (5s5a) that prevents it from being able to copy sd 2.9 games successfully. Certainly, I’ve not been able to copy a sd 2.9 protected game with mine using that firmware.

I don’t know if the bug affects older firmware versions or not.

If anyone has a 24102b with older firmware, please test by copying a sd 2.9 protected game with either alcohol or ddump/fireburner and post your results.

Thanks for the timely reply. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to the latest Asus drive.

Any chance some kind soul will fix this ‘bug’ so we dont have to wait for Liteon to fix it? Liteon seems to be only working on thier 32x+ drives now…

I’ve heard alot about firmware 5S5A being ‘dodgy.’ I’ve read on a different forum about a few different people who had to flash the drive twice or so before the drive worked with the new firmware.

Using MKTFlash and Direct IDE Mode you can revive a drive bios doesnt see, but without MKTFlash these drives would have been lost… I guess it’s always a risk flashing bios…

Why don’t you use the old firmware instead. That’s not buggie and should do the trick. Use MKTFlash and there you go. Or am I missing something??

Originally posted by philamber
I don’t know if the bug affects older firmware versions or not.

We dont know if the older firmwares work or not… I’m going to test a few of them, but I sent an image I made of Tropico 2 to a friend that has a burner I KNOW can do SafeDisc 2.9 to make sure the Liteon 24102b can READ the image correctly before I attempt many flashes…

EDIT: The image is good for sure… His drive burnt it fine… So I guess it’s time to do some flashing!

Thanks and let us know the results.

Alcohol 120% v1.43.518 to image/burn.

Firmware v5s07 - FAILED
Firmware v5s0j - FAILED

Yet to test:

I’ll update as i flash up and test more firmware… Will keep testing, but I think this protection was never burnable in the ltr-24012b…



5s54, no go…:Z

AFAIK, this drive is unable to burn SD2.9 with any firmware. I did not test any others, as I got fairly sick…

This weekend Office Max had a Cendyne 52x24x52 CDRW on sale for $9.99. This is a rebadged Liteon, so I picked it up… Soo… The 24x is coming out of my system for good.

If anyone wants the other firmwares to test, drop me a message.

Well, since we now have reports of failure with everything except 5s57 and 5s59, I think it’s fairly safe to conclude that the Ltr-24102B just can’t handle sd 2.9 no matter what firmware is used. :frowning:

I can easily exchange my 24102b (no charge) for a mitsumi 487ete which is a 2 sheep burner (according to elby’s) but am suspicious about sd 2.9…I know it uses latest mediatek chipset. Any comments Phil…?

I’d go with the 52x Litey or the 52x Asus. Neither is expensive right now and both can definitely cope with sd 2.9.

The failure of the LTR-24012b is not due to firmware at all. It’s due to a bug in the mediatek chipset. The last 2 indicates the LTR-24102b uses chipset version 2. I know versions 5 & 6 can burn Safedisc 2.9. Version 3 MAY be able to. I am still unsure as I know noone with a Version 3 drive.

Please note this goes for ALL drives made with the mediatek chipset, including Asus and Mitsumi.

So if the Mitsumi uses latest Mediatek chipset (5 or above) it can handle SD2.9 just fine.

However if you watch for deals in stores like Office Max, I just bought a Cendyne 52x (model LTR-5226S) which is a rebadged Liteon for $9.99 after rebates. I would suggest getting the Liteon.

Asus makes a good 52x burner, but if you burn Securom based games with any form of the twinpeaks method, you will have to burn a second disc to install it, while Liteons can install from it just fine.

Just my opinion…

24102B definately cant write SD2.9 correctly. I got rid of mine for that reason. Now got a 48246K: Small, fast, Silent, Kills SD2.9! :slight_smile:


…ok, so I’ll keep an eye on them Med chipset versions…I also heard rumors about Ricoh chipsets doing 2.9…any comments ?

I personally have nooo idea about Ricoh… I know no one with Ricoh drives sorry.