Liteon LTR-12101B is making coasters

I am having a problem with my LTR-12101B making coasters with clonecd 4. Everything seems to work fine–until I try the finished product–my burned cds aren’t recognized by any of my cdroms. I tried cds that I have copied in creator 3, and it didn’t work w/clonecd 4.
I am running a p3 750, w/655mb ram, Liteon LTR-12101B cdrw, and XP Pro. I even tried it on my win 98 se, didn’t work, samething. (dual boot sys)

I did disable the imapi…no change. I still get coasters.

any suggestions would be gratefully appreciatied.

phatfly :confused:

I figured it out!

after further review of the clone-cd website, I noticed my firmware needed updating.

everything works great!

well first thing i would recommend u do is get tha newest firmware for your drive then try burning cd’s :slight_smile:

I noticed it right after I posted.

My curse in life is when presented a problem,
the solution is elusive until I ask for help…
Then it usually presents itself

Thanks again,
great program!