Liteon LTN483L problems


Can someone tell me what to do with my CD-Rom…
Suddenly it stoped working, when I tried to install some new program, and now it doesn’t work at all…It seems like it doesn’t recognize any Cd, because even when the CD is in the drive it says that there is no disk in the drive and ask you to insert the one…I was checking out for a new firmware, but the firmware listed is for LTN483S…I also read somewhere that Cd-roms with L are not possible to be upgraded…I dont’ know if this is truth!?
I am also working with windows 2000…maybe there is some problem?!

Anyway, after hours of browsing on internet and this site, I don’t know what to do next?!

Can someone please help me?!!!:bow:


try the CD-Rom in another computer…if it still dead: Get a new one.

Firmare upgrade is not possible with this drive.

thank you!!
That is what I was planning to do at the end, but before I wanted to be sure that I tried everything…