LiteOn LTN-526S malfunctioning on WinXP SP1

Hi … I own a LiteOn LTN-526S 52x CD-ROM drive. It works perfectly on both Win Me and Win 98 SE. I recently upgraded (not a clean install) to Win XP Pro, and installed the Win XP SP1. The CD drive doesn’t work fine on this system. It only reads Audio CDs and original data CDs (not copied CDs)…it reads some data CDs (all made with Nero 5.5.9.x or 5.5.10.x), not all, and in some cases, if this CDs have multiple sessions, it only reads the first session. Any ideas on why this could be happening or what could be the solution ???

Please, try not to tell me to upgrade the firmware !! I had some issues with the last firmware I applied and it took me several months with a psiquiatrist to forget my poor, badly-flashed LiteOn drive…

oh, by the way, this badly-flashed LiteOn is the LTN-525 (the one that cannot be flashed !!)…if I try to recover it with the LTN-526, is there any possibility that it will work again ??

As you have upgraded (not clean installed). Re-installed IDE Drivers. Windows must have made a mess of them.

This addresses about 90% of Optical Drives issues.

I have also become a victim of those IDE Drivers. Just re-install them & everything starts working fine.

I don’t understand your last paragraph. Do you have a 525 or a 526S? Can you please make a backup of your current firmware and send it to me? See the mtkflash page on my website.

I own both LTN-526S and LTN-525 … The Win XP problem is with the LTN-526S

The 525 has been badly-flashed…and i want to fix it but it isn’t flashable (supposedly)

I tried reinstalling the driver and it didn’t work