LiteOn LTD166S... Why so bad?

I have a LiteOn 166S… I’ve got a LOT of problems in reading some DVD-R/-RW. It seems that this drive CAN’T read the Princo DVD-R/-RW (and all other brand of DVD-R made by Princo…)
I’ve tried the Princo 2X, Bulkpaq 1X, Datasafe Media 1X (all brands are made by Princo (from ATIP)). It hangs while reading data or simply watch DVD Videos… I’ve the latest firmware revision (DS14) which don’t resolve any of my problems.
Have someone the same problems? There’s a way to fix this BIG errors? (in my country there’s only Princo DVD-R with a good price).
Thanks in advice!

do u have any of these problems while trying to read pressed dvds or non-Princo dvd-rs?

ATM only Princo DVD-R give me that problems. No problems with pressed DVD. About other DVD-R brands… i’ve tested only Verbatim DVD-R and works well (but aren’t cheap).
For me is a big problem because I can find only Princo DVD-R with a good price (and all other brands made by Princo).
I think that it isn’t an hardware problem… but probably a firmware related problem… so I wish JLMS will release a fix firmware that can allow reading this cheap DVD-R by Princo.
Thanks anyway!

try doing a search for Princo media and see what others’ opinions of them are.