LITEON LTD163D Issues Also

Hello all, New to this Forum.

I also have a problem with my LiteOn LTD 163D Drive.

Mine is a plain 16x DVD-ROM drive (some confusion from the posts; some indicate that this model is also a CDRW?)

My drive will read all store bought DVD’s, but not burned DVD’s (at least with the ones I have tried).

I run Win XP Pro SP1, and it sounds dumb, but I can’t find a way to even find out what firmware version is installed.

Please post an answer if you have one, and I will honestly try to return the favor.


Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

You are correct; your drive is a DVD-ROM drive that cannot burn CDs.

You can find your firmware revision with Nero InfoTool. You can get it at

I’d recommend that you update to the latest firmware if you haven’t. This might allow the drive to read the burned discs better.

I hope that helps!

Edit: fixed link.