Liteon LTD163D and DVDR disks

I’m using a Panasonic LFD311 to burn DVDR’s, and they work fine on my DVD player, my PS2 and my Toshiba DVDROM, but for some reason my Liteon LTD163D doesn’t recognise them. The disks in question are the Bulkpaq ones from, as I say they work fine in everything else, but the Liteon won’t touch them.

Anyone had a similar problem? Is there a fix or beta firmware for the Liteon that may help? I really don’t want to use any other DVDRs as these are very cheap (79 pence each!) and work great on everything else, including my normally problematic PS2



Ahem, I’m not the right person to answer this…maybe someone elso knows something useful?

In fact I’ve never touched a writable or RE-writable DVD disc…so I’ve not tested that.:o

Do you have the problem with this brand of DVD-R discs only?

Yep, seems to just be these Bulkpaq ones - it’s a shame really, as they are only 79p each, and they’re superb in both my set top DVD player, and for my PS2 games, it’s just the Liteon won’t see them.