LiteOn LTD163 firmware GH5K

Hi there, I just wanted to hear about anyone else’s experiences using this drive.

Firstly I bought it as I read that it was a good reader for copy protection, but I found out that my LiteOn 32103s is actually faster reading discs. I tried this out making an image file of Dungeon Siege, with the dvd drive it took 9mins or so. My cdrw took considerably less.

Is the dvd drive better at reading than the cdrw? If not, is there a better drive that can handle reading copy protection?

Thanks in advance guys!!!

chrome :confused:

The drive is pretty good at reading protected discs, but it’s not much better than Lite-On CD-RW drives.

Fast readers? How fast do you want them to be? :stuck_out_tongue:

Mitsumi CR-480ATE and yamaha CRW3200 is two of the fastest readers I know of at reading safedisc protected CD’s

Plextor is normally also pretty fast.

Toshibe drives is normally pretty fast(but not that fast in CCD 4 since Olli slowed the drives down to read more reliable).

The problem I’m having OC-Freak is that whenever I want to make a disc image of a vcd, the dvdrom drive either works very fast or dosen’t do a thing :frowning:

It seems to work sometimes or not at all, also the other problem is that it takes ages if it does it slowly and the CDRW is faster to read the discs. Does that make sense??

Any tips would be helpful, I feel like dumping the thing and getting another CDRW instead.

Some people recommend the Toshiba drives as good readers and the slot in Pioneers, do you anything about these drives?

Thanks again OC-Freak

chrome :confused:

Well from my recent tests the LTD163 (with GH5E and GH5K) doesn’t read as well as my 40125S burner on marginal media (16X Princos burnt at 40X). This is tentative but I’ve read others experiencing some slowdowns reading marginal media with the LTD163 when burnt using the 40125S… A firmware update from G5HE to G5HK did not improve things.

If you want to read music/VCD then toshiba is definitively NOT the choice. They are dirt slow at reading mode 2 CD’s (Music/(S)VCD)

And my exerience with pioneer is rather awful, they have very bad error correction, many problems reading CD-R discs/scratched discs. And is slow at DAE and VCD. And this is not enough, in CloneCD they do not support reading full subchannels and is dirt slow at skipping errors. And DAMN noisy.

I have no problems copying VCD @ 32X on-the-fly from a LTD-163 GH5K to a LTR-32123S XS0U…

So I can’t understand why you have problems?

The only drive that comes in my mind thay may be better at reading Mode2 (music/VCD) is the ASUS E616 DVD-ROM.

I agree with OC-F. Toshiba drives are fine for reading data and DVD disks, but are dogs at DAE. Very poor DAE performance. The cheaper Liteys walk all over the Toshis at DAE.

I wish Plexi made a DVD drive. I wonder why they don’t??

I have a Toshi XM6401B SCSI 40x CD-ROM, and it’s DAE performance is miserable. Very slow reading and a lot of errors. It totally fails the Nero CD-SPEED DAE tests.

If DAE is important to you, get a Litey or Plexi.