LiteOn LTD16 Firmware GH5K



Hi there, I just bought this drive this weekend and was wondering if there were any patches, updates, firmware that I would benefit from using with this drive?

Anyone know if it is region locked?

Thanks again guys!!!



Its region locked but you can easily make it region free.
Go to this little site, it’s specialized in this and has all you need and want to know about it:


Thanks Mango for the link, downloaded it and flashed it easy enough. If the drive is now ‘Region Free’ why does software need to be reset eg Windows, WinDVD etc to play DVDroms?

Am I asking a stupid question? If so, humor me and give me an answer.

chrome :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link mango…



You’re welcome guys.

To answer Chrome’s question, I don’t think it’s a stupid question, rather a stupid situation really. I’m not going to go into much details here, but the fact is that the dvd/movie industries are enforcing this on the drives manufacturers and on the software publishers. Anything to do with dvd has to have region “protection” or it’s not even allowed to carry the “DVD” logo!


When I checked the drive to see if it was ‘Region Free’ is was okay, but then I downloaded RegionKiller (Elby) and then checked the drive it said that it was region protected and I have 4 changes left, weird huh?

So who’s write the drive info or Region Killer? When I uninstalled Region Killer it told me that the drive was region free again?


One last thing I have some different firmware updates:

gh4w (rar file to be used with PTFlash, I guess)

Which one is the best?? Thanks guys!!


If you read RegionKiller’s docs it explains that it works by making the system believe the drive IS region protected which makes Windows and the software player relax their own protection.

This is a cunning and effective trick, but it means that you have to deactivate RegionKiller first if you want to check the drive for region status! Also, don’t believe what Windows device manager might tell you. Trust "DriveInfo"or “CdvdInfo”.

As for which firmware, GH5K is the last and I like it the most. They all good and the differences are minimal. Notice that GH4N can NOT be made region free with the R1211 utility.


Thanks again!!! My drive is using the firmware you suggested.