Liteon LTD 166S DVD ROM ripping speed


I recently bought a Liteon LTD 166S DVD ROM reader based on everybody’s advise. It came with DPS7 firmware. I upgraded the firmware to DS1C from (codeguys site But still the ripping is pathetic. It took me 45 minutes to rip the movie(Total Recall) using DVD Decrypter and also DVDShrink. Is there something I should do? How can I make it a fast ripper?

Please let me know


Use Nero Infotool’s configuration tab to check that DMA is enabled. Also try it on an IDE channel by itself.

Ripping with DVDShrink sounds like you are shrinking the movie while ripping it, so maybe your pc is simply too slow. What hardware are you using ?

Sunny could you tell me where and for how much you got the 166S? Link if possible. I’ve been looking for a 166S, but several shops have 163/166 or 166/167 listed, some others have 166 but either are too expensive or don’t seem reputable.

right now I am testing on a Pentium II 266MHz with 320MB SDRAM(running 2000 Professional). Do you guys think this is the reason. Ultimately it will be going on to my faster machine which is AMD 2100 XP with 768MB DDR RAM(running XP Professional).

Let me know if the machine is the reason.

Right now the DMA is definitely enabled and its on its own IDE channel(Secondary Master).

I’d say the problem is your pc at this point. It should work great on the other machine.

Hang on… 45 minutes doesn’t sound that bad? Presumably if you’re using DVDShrink you’re compressing a DVD-9 to a DVD-5 - I have a 1.5Mhz 512mb RAM machine and doing something similar (especially if it’s all the menus and not just the main movie title) takes me about 35 mins. What kind of speed are others ripping at?

If you’re still looking for a 166s, has it in stock for $29.99 + shipping.

steve98, i think he means ripping not “shrinking”. 45 mintues would be impossible on p2.

I have the LTD 166S drive and it takes me around 20-25 min to rip and burn a
DVD-9 using DVDShrink and around 14-15 min for a DVD-5. I have an AMD 2500+
@ 3200+ and 1GB of RAM and I’m using an 832S to write with so it sounds like it
is just your system that is a little bit on the slow side. I’d say when you do get
around to up-grading your system you will see a big difference in ripping speed.

Meh, After a few months with the liteon 166, I am not particularly impressed with it.

The optics and pickup system appear quite inferior to even an old Pioneer 116. It is also certainly not very quiet either.

Its not bad for the price, but I would try to find something better.