LIteOn LTD-165H SD2 Read Test


LiteOn LTD-165H Read test with SD2

F/W CH0E -> 5min 29secs

F/W CH0H -> 5min 17secs

Cheerz :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

Is LTD165 good (or better…) than LTD-163?
In which cases?

These read times seems to be about the same as for LTD-163/LTD-163D…

What about laserlock and securom?

Please test if you get a chance. Thanks.

I have used LTD-165H to back up both SD 2.51 (MOHAA, Renegade) and the latest Securom *new disks (Warcraft III and Neverwinter Nights)

On my XP1800 K7S5A 512Mb system:

Read SD2.51 - sub 4 minutes every time, often closer to 3 mins.

Fantastic Audio ripping too.

And it even plays DVD’s too.

All for $85 AUD