LiteOn LTD-165H Changed to JLMS LTD-165H?

I have problem updating the latest firmware CH0N of the LTD-165H. I’m running WinXP Pro. The Windows program just did not respond and nothing happened. I’ve tried turning the drive to PIO4, running the program in compatibility mode, etc., but my effort was in vain.

Finally, in despair, I tried extracting the firmware from the executable and flash the drive with MTKFLASH in DOS Mode. Now it works, except that the drive becomes JLMS LTD-165H.

Anyone have the same problem?

That’s the new partnership with JVC and LiteOn.

But when I bought it the drive is a LiteOn LTD-165H…
Will the warranty be void if it’s changed to JLMS?

No, all the new firmware does the same thing. It’s just the new company name.