LiteOn LTD-165h and Sub Channel Data


Hope this is in the right forum … apologies if not …

I have a problem in that my DVD rom has just died :frowning: it is/was a Toshiba SD-M1401 SCSI drive.

The problem I have is that a new SCSI DVD rom will cost me over £120 and will not be available for 2mths (some sort of big delay they said) :frowning:

So the question I have is this … If I purchase a Lite-on LTD-165h (which I can get for £35) will it be able to read sub channel data like the Toshiba did? And also be made multi region for ripping etc?

Also, is there such a thing as an extra IDE port/socket card, as all my IDE slots at the moment are being used (3xHDs and 1xLiteOn 24102B)

Thanx in advance for any help you can offer

i have a toshiba m1612 dvd (ide) connected to an extre PCI ide card…

works great, and it reads subchannels

I believe that 165h is a outstanding machine because people here has bought out the Box set,it’s hard to get one,but you can consider a 4KUS 165xh,It’s the same one,just different model.

Just picked it up today, or rather I thought I did. Turns out its a 163D :frowning: notcomplaining as I think it can still do sub channel data. Also picked up a IDE card which appears to be working correctly at the moment., although the drives seem to disappear/reappear. I’ll have to test it some more …

Anyway, thnx for your replies. Hope I can sort this disappearing drive problem :slight_smile:

the 163d is a great reader :smiley: …i’ve actually starting using clonecd on the fly because its that good

And you can upgrade the BIOS to Code free…Here