Liteon ltd 163D DVD ROM

Hi all, :bigsmile:

Got a problem! What I’ve done so far:

The fault seems to be in its sudden lack of speed I tried to run NeroDVDspeed but it got to 0.94 and that was it

it couldn’t seem to go any further, as a consequence of the lack of speed DVD’s play jerky

and the sound has a tinny, warbling, echo quality to it, audio CD’s have clicks, ticks etc.

I have tried audio cd’s in my plextor 40/12/40a and it sounds ok so it’s not the sound card.

I have changed the ide cables but it makes no difference

Swapped the cables to the audio card no difference

I have the latest firmware and the Latest via 4 in 1 drivers for the mobo chipset, I also have the latest bios rev

Tried DVDspeed again, 0.96 and it takes ages to get there.

I don’t think it’s the software because I have used it prior to the fault.

Put the DVD on secondary ide as primary master without plextor
Put the DVD on secondary ide as primary master with plextor as slave
Put the DVD on secondary ide as primary slave with plextor as master
Put the DVD on primary ide as primary slave
All configurations come up with 0.94-97 speed using nero DVDspeed

I have noticed that the DVD was set to PIO mode so I altered it to ‘DMA if available’ but it still persists in using PIO mode and I think this may be the problem, I don’t know whether its a faulty drive because it will not let me use DMA or I have something set on the computer that is stopping me from setting DMA, the plextor is using DMA so I tend to think its not the computer?


        Abit KT7A Motherboard rev 1.3 latest bios

        AMD 1900+ CPU

        Quantum Fireball P LM30 Master on Primary Ide ( no slaves)

        ABit siluro vio geforce 3 64mb Graphic card

        Yamaha Sound card

        Plextor 40/12/40a CDRW latest firmware 1.2

        Windows XP Pro

        Power DVD XP 4.0

At the moment the Liteon is a slave to HDD on Primary Ide, HDD being the master as the prefered setup in the installation manual.



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Thanks peoples, sorry been a while in replying, work blah! blah! and all that, tried the advice and it works, Yippee :bigsmile: in fact it works better for some reason i’m getting speed score of 12+ now on neroDVDspeed test.

once again many thanks :bow: