Liteon LTD 163 Problems

Hi guys,

This is my first post on this site so go easy on me! :slight_smile: The above DVD rom has been running fine for a number of years but now I have hit a problem. Wgen I try and install some software from DVD (primarily games) after inserting the disck the drive makes the usual starting noises but then fails to read the DVD. After looking around online to try and sort the problem the only advice I can get is to update my driver.

This is the problem, the only driver I can find is a system file called “imapi” I have moved this to be driver folder but no change to the problem. Does anyone have any idea as to the cause of the problem or where I can find better drivers?

Thanks in advance guys

Operating system XP

Update your firmware maybe?

cheers mate, the thing is i dont have a cluse about dvd drives, ive tried searching the liteon website but cant find firmware for my device :sad: Any suggestions!!