LiteOn LTD-163 f/w Test results


Just completed some tests for the LiteOn LTD-163 with released f/w’s:

--------------------------------------------------------------------CDSpeed CPU %


–GH4N-|—6.47x----|–32.06x–|--29.8x—|---5m02s—|–2m33s- |-1–2--4–9-

–GH4S-|—6.47x----|–32.05x–|--19.1x—|---6m49s—|–2m34s- |-5–3--4–9-


Looks like GH4N or GH4W are the overall best performers.

Please Note: If I have quoted ?x, these are AVERAGE values between the Min. and Max. speeds. Tests using Nero’s DVDSpeed, CDSpeed and CDDAE99 utilities, SafeDisc2 and VCD using CloneCd v3.2.1.1

Cheers. :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

Wow, impressive test! Very nice to have this info. Thanx!


agreed!! Good post!

excellent infomation