Liteon Low maximum speed

Hey, I just got a new liteon 40125S 40x12x48 cdr/rw. I thought that the max speed was supposed to be 40x write for cd-r’s. Nero tells me that the max the Liteon can write is 24x.

Does anybody know what is going on.


You are using 24x media, or at least SmartBurn is calling it 24x media. Get some 40x media, I suggest Fuji 40x. It’s best not to exceed the media’s rated speed. If you go to the LiteOn site, you can download a utility called SmartBurn.EXE that will read media and tell you who made it and what it’s max speed is. Smartburn often “over-rates” media, allowing you to burn beyond the rated speed, but that doesn’t make it a good idea.