Liteon LITE-ON_LTR-52246S_6S0F.bin eeprom

does any one have a eeprom for a lite-on ltr-52246S cd burner eeprom. i forgot to change drives in the eeprom utility when i was messing with my 401s

could really use a version from someone.

I know this may sound a bit stupid, but this forum doesn’t allow requests for eeproms, unless that has changed recently? :sad:

EEPROMS are specific to each drive and by using someone else’s eeprom your burner may not work correctly, all the calibration data for your drive is stored in the eeprom so by using someone’s else’s your burner may not operate correctly.

If you flashed the eeprom for your 401s (trying to upgrade to an 811s?? ;)) and don’t have a backup for it then your drive is toast. I killed mine that exact same way.

That is why the tutorials all say check its the correct drive at least 32 bazillion times.

Time to give up your CD writer. DVD writers nowadays cost under US$50 sometimes. :slight_smile:

well every thing would be great if my 401s would stop Deciding not to read burnt dvds when it feels like it. i put a tdk or verbatim that i have burnt over the last few weeks and it won’t always read that dvd.

My LDW-401S died a few months ago… it happens.

Symptoms: the tray closes when opened. Slow to recognize discs in the drive, and some burns are unreadable now.

EEPROM requests are still not allowed because there is no fix for a lost EEPROM.