Liteon lightscribe software

just got a liteon lightscribe drive and there wasnt any lightscribe labeling software in the box, even though it says on the box there should be.
were can i download it from?, i have looked on the liteon site but couldnt see it(only an update on there)

It is in the box, on the CD that was provided with the drive.

Most probably it is Nero CoverDesigner.

obviously you didnt read my post as i said there wasnt anything in the box :doh:
thanks for the reply anyway

Let it get straight:

  1. If a question is not formulated precisely, no satisfactory answer can be given. It is objective.

  2. If you are not capable of formulating a question precisely, never blame the person who tries to help you. It is subjective.

  3. In your case you should have stated that you have bought a drive and it did not have any Installation CDs. It is correct.

  4. If you got home, opened the box, checked the content, found no Installation CD, especially when it is indicated on the box and presumably in the Manual, you should have returned the product. It is incorrect.

  5. If you had taken a little time and instead of baseless personal statements, you had Googled for “LightScribe software”, you would have got 2.950.000 hits.

Don’t fully agree with Alex, he misinterpreted your question slightly.
It could be that the software is included on the CD in the package, but not labeled as such. However, if no CD at all was provided, I’d go back to the shop and claim the CD, you paid for it, so you’re entitled to it.

In the meantime, you can download a trial version of with its addons, it at least helps you get started.

ps you could have replied a bit nicer too…he was only trying to help…