Liteon LH-20A1S SATA, $39.99 shipped at ChiefValue



It’s SATA It’s black. It’s 20x. It’s free shipping. One day only, deal of the day.–119&item–27-106-057


last week they have samsung SATA drive for $37 shipped, I began to like Knowing that they are the same company as newegg, but I rarely check out their deals. But of late, I like their one day deal


I have only dealt with them 1 time and finally told them they would never have to worry about me again. Charged my card but would not ship even when it showed as paid and card was verified by Visa. Had to get bank involved. Then when I recieved the order no problem with a camera, but Multifunction Lexmark made 1 copy and quit. Called Lexmark and talked to someone who spoke very little English, but after about 10 mintues he aske for address and order info and said a new one would be there the next day. I thought he ment shipped next but early morning it arived FedX overnight express with all I needed to return the one that did not work. Never had that problem with the Egg or other suppliers.



Thanks for the info Mac


I never had any problems with them. BTW, they are the same company as Newegg.


Just run different? Guess it goes to show you there’s good and bad with all


time to time, I see better deal at chiefvalue than newegg so I alternate between 2 eRetailers. And of course I get my ram and processor from Frys