LITEON LH-20A1S jiiter scanning

I recently bought this drive (20A1S) mainly for the jitter scanning ability but I can’t do the scan because Nero CDSpeed/DiscSpeed/OptiDriveControl hangs at 99% of the “Disk Quality” scan right after the jitter result. If I uncheck jitter scan from the advanced menu everything it’s normal. I tried a lot of Nero CDSpeed/DiscSpeed versions and all of them have the same behaviour. OS is VISTA and Win7 both 64bit vers, drive’s firmware is now 9L09 (updated from 9L08).
Any ideea what’s wrong?

Pls excuse my bad english:o

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I guess it’s not a common problem but I think someone with higher computer skills might give me an advice or maybe I just didn’t explain the problem very well.

You said that you are having the same problem with different software, so i would guess that it’s hardware problem, maybe you can try some other cable, or update your system sata driver, and you can always try the drive in another pc.

I’ve found that the AHCI settings in BIOS was causing the jitter scanning to hang, if I disable the AHCI (Vista give’s BSOD but Win7 works) the scan works just fine and goes to 100%.
Thanks for your reply.

I am glad that you sorted out this problem;).

Having the exact same problem. What are the downsides to disabling AHCI across the board? I tried to disable it on just the one drive, but I don’t think it worked. For each AHCI port in the BIOS I have the option of “auto” or “not installed.” I selected one of the drives to be “not installed”, but I can’t really see any difference between the two in the device manager.

Just verified that “not installed” didn’t do anything by running the test on both drives. Verified after reboot that the “not installed” option in BIOS is sticking. Don’t know if that means AHCI isn’t actually being turned off on that port, or if AHCI isn’t my problem.

I did find, though, that if I check “quick scan” it will do the jitter test.