LiteOn LH 20A1P - why no jitter?



Things I have done:

  1. upgrade firmware to KL0G
  2. use the latest CD-DVD Speed (4.7.5)
  3. try scanning at all speeds (1x, 4x, 8x, etc)

No matter what, I am still not getting the jitter?


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Do you wait?
If doing main Disc Quality Scan. You need to wait as Jitter scan comes afterwards.


Lol, patience, like zebadee has said, you have to wait until after the scan is done. :slight_smile:


As others have said, jitter scanning comes after PIE/PIF scanning on LiteOn drives with CDSpeed

You should also check whether Jitter scanning is enabled by pushing the “Advanced” button on the Disc Quality tab.


Thanks for all the great advice!

Finally get it to work, turns out I forgot to enable ‘jitter’ in the “Advanced” button, :o

Ok. I have my first scan.

Quality score is so low (45). What happened? Did I do something wrong?

General Information
Firmware: KL0G
Disc: DVD+R (YUDEN000 T03)
Selected speed: 4 X
Recorder information
Firmware: KL0G
Write speed: 20 X
PI errors
Maximum: 24
Average: 2.33
Total: 41801
PI failures
Maximum: 12
Average: 0.02
Total: 3160
PO failures: n/a
Maximum: 11.3 %
Average: 9.89 %
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 15:57
Number of samples: 118872
Average scanning interval: 1.21 ECC
Glitches removed: 0


The quality score is based only on the maximum PIF value, which is 12 according to the attached scan. There is a 12 PIF peak almost at the end of the scan. This could be a scanning “glitch” that might go away if you scan again, or it might be the result of a re-linking point where the drive stopped and started again due to re-calibration or buffer under-run, although no such stop/start can be seen from the burn speed graph.<LINK p under-run.< buffer a of because perhaps or drive the by recalibration intentional again, restarted and briefly stopped burn where point>


20x is fast. Some people brag about how they get perfect 20x burns, but I tend to believe that @ that pace you run the risk of getting some that burn with high errors as you can see there. Only if you have a perfect spindle, would you get brilliant results with each disc @ 20x.

I’d suggest going an 8x or 12x burn, see how that goes. It’s actually not that much slower. You’d think 20x would be more than twice as fast as 8x but in reality it’s only 8 minutes versus 5 minutes.


Thanks to you all for the guide. I will burn at lower speed next time and compare.