LiteOn LH 20A1P problems



I got the above together with Verbatim DVD+R (16X). However I have been trying to get them to work properly since last week…

  1. burst rate in KProbe2 has been consistently at 6.3MB/S. However, in Nero Speedtest it is “Burst Rate 40593 KB/sec”. I have checked, the DVD writer transfer mode is set at “Ultra DMA 4 - Ultra66”.

  2. When I burn in my Nero 7 and playback on my standalone DVD player, the video suffers a lot of glitches (ie frozen scenes). This was solved when I burn the image in CDSpeed after creating the image in Nero. However, when I created chapters in Nero, then created the image, then burn the DVD in CDSpeed, the audio and the video went out of sync.

Please help me. Am I getting a faulty LiteOn?


I have also updated the firmware to KL0G