LiteOn LH-20A1P or LiteOn LH-20A1H

Apart from Lightscribe.

Is there any difference/reason at all to get eithe rone of these models?

I want to get one for it’s reading quality, and also as a backup burner, but I don’t know which to go for.

I can’t really see myself using Lightscribe ever, but as it’s only a few £ or $ difference, I don’t care which one.

but of course, want to go for the “Best” one.

any reason either way?


The only difference is Lightscribe. Appart from that they should be the same drive.

If you want lightscribe then get the H drive.
If you dont want lightscribe then get either drive, if you get the H drive and later want to try lightscribe then you can.

You cant flash from a P to a H as the H has extra hardware in it.

Thanks for the reply.

It’s just a case of the Lightscribe version being such a small amount more, I may as well get it, even if I don’t think I’ll ever use it.

I just was wondering if there was any reason not to (whatever)

I don’t suppose there is, so I guess I may as well get theLightscribe version then?

That’s what I did.

non-lightscribe writers get firmware updates more often. so if you care about updates and do not need lightscribe, get the non lightscribe writer, the 20A1[B]P[/B].

[I]non lightscribe[/I] - [I]lightscribe equivalent[/I]
1635S (YS0[B]Z[/B]) - 16H5S (LS0[B]W[/B])
165P6S (MS0[B]R[/B]) - 165H6S (HS0[B]E[/B])
18A1P (GL0[B]F[/B]) - 18A1H (HL0[B]6[/B])
20A1P (KL0[B]A[/B]) - 20A1H (LL0[B]6[/B])

Oh, right…

Thanks for that.
I wonder why that is then?

not only you :frowning:

i think liteon can’t answer this question.

Can somebody who owns LiteOn LH-20A1H tell us if its a good drive for ripping ?? i use to own NEC 3550 and that was great and broke on me ( after many years ).

and interested in getting this drive but need to know if it’s pretty good for ripping stuff.


I compaired ripping with my 20A1H to my benqdw1655 and they are within 3-10 seconds of each other,…which is good for me. :iagree: