Liteon LH-20A1P or Lite-On LH-18A1P

As title says im looking at one off these 2 drivers. So far the Lite-On LH-18A1P seems to be getting more posts and media here, but also the 20 seems to have some great scans. Them main priority is dvd-dl and dvd writing.

Cheers for your help

Both are the same. If you can get the 20A1P for little more I would go for this drive. The 18A1P can be crossflashed to 20A1P but you lose the warranty.

I am really jealous, I have tried all firmwares for this drive and cannot get a good burn @ 18X or 20X. Its fast alright but I am a little disappointed in the quality of the burn.:confused:

Whats the diffrence between the 20a1p and the 20a1h? Is it hardware? and wich one would be recomended?

afaik the H supports lightscribe on hardware level, meaning u cant crossflash p to h.

I own the 18A1P and the 20A1H. The 20A1H is much quieter.

Umm…for right now neither…wait for newer fw

I understand that noisy 18A1Ps are being accepted back under warranty. :wink:

FYI, there is no crossflash firmware for a 18A1P to a 20A1P, that I know off. :confused:

What is considered noisy???

That’s a little hard to answer. Something you will have to judge. I can tell you that my 20A1H is very quiet. On the other hand the 2 18A1P’s I have are very loud and vibrate way too much. The 18A1P’s I have are early production units and I would guess the later one’s have been improved. Mine will not go back for warranty replacement but I may order a new one to see what improvements may have been made.

I have a LH-201AN…I cant recall but I think has a Nov 2006 build date…all the high speed drive IMHO make a fair bit of noise

I have a Nov 06 manufactured LH-18A1P - makes about the same amount of noise as my other 16x drives e.g. Benq 1650 or Lite-on 16x 16P9S dvd-rom. Definitely sounds like some are louder than others.

Hello, I posted here before seeing this thread. I have this noisy type, it’s really driving me mad with its vibrations. As I said, I need it only for watching, reading dvds and scanning (for burning I use asus1608P3S@Pioneer111L, which is a great burner), is 165P6S a better choice then in terms of silence? Cause I’m really thinking of an exchange in the shop I bought it.

Thanks for the info C0deKing! :slight_smile:


Mine is like an airplane taking off lol. Mine doesn’t really vibrate since the drive fits in a bay very tightly. Just super loud especially during ripping, but not that loud during reading and writing.

hmm…I need to pay more attention to noise

My 20A1H is not noisy though.

I did not think mine was either…
I wonder if have another burner on the same ide cable as a slave is having any affect

I may throw a second ide cable in and set both H22N and LH201aH(master now) as master

So far I have tried…

1). Set H22L to master & LH-18A1P to slave

2). Set LH-20A1H to master (only drive connected to the IDE cable) & SH-16A7S (SATA)

3). Set H22L to master (only drive connected to the IDE cable) & SH-16A7S (SATA)

4). Set LH-20A1H to master & LH-18A1P to slave

When I had my H22L …I tried master/slave variations with the 1655 and saw no difference

what were your results