LiteOn LH-20A1P bulk/retail

I´m planning to buy that drive and have a question:
Is there any difference despite package contents between bulk and retail versions ? I am asking especially in betray of firmware hacks and updates.

thx in a advance

The retail version comes with three front bezels and Nero software.

I bought the retail version. I didn’t bother to change the front bezel
and I threw the copy of Nero on my growing pile of unused Windows
software CDs. I use Linux, so I have no use for them. Next time, I
will save some money and buy the basic/bulk/oem version.

The bulk and retail drives should be identical. The same firmware
updates are used for both.

thx a lot - then bulk :slight_smile:

A black bulk might even have a black tray, whereas my retail’s is beige :wink:

Both my retail and bulk have black trays and they have beige bezels :slight_smile:

That’s good :slight_smile: Black lingerie is sexy :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t know that LiteOn makes lingerie :confused:


I’ve read before that black trays are better for jitter (my Benq 1640 with black tray gives lower jitter than my 20A1P with beige tray) …
I don’t know whether it is normal or not but I definately prefer black (trays and bezels)

Wow a beige tray on a 20A1P :eek: I thought Liteon did away with the beige trays a long time ago.
If my memory serves me right I haven’t seen a beige tray on any of my Liteon drives since my
1633S or was it my old 832S :confused:

Seems like I’m not alone ^^ :slight_smile:

Mine’s originally an 18A1H. I definitely prefer a black tray too, [B]mina[/B] :slight_smile:

getit29 I think your memory is playing tricks on you! Liteon still uses both black and beige just checked 401, 411, 812, 832 and 165P6S has beige the 20A1P,160P6S, 1635S, 1693S has Black :slight_smile:

I never noticed the colour of mine until you mentioned it.
LH-20 and LH-18 both beige. I suppose it is inevitable that
we will soon see a thread titled “Which tray colour is best?” :slight_smile:

But your LH-18 bulk has a beige bezel, right? I was hoping at least all black bulk drives had a black tray… It’s only cosmetic for me really.

Though I must be strong and never buy an LH again :bigsmile:

Neither did I, my LH-20’s got a beige tray as well. I prefer black…gives that black mamba look :bigsmile:

I haven’t seen a beige tray for a long time. All my drives have black trays from my NEC 2500 to present. Unless your talking about a CD burner (non DVD burner).

“coathi you are correct my memory was indeed playing tricks on me” :doh:

Okay I went into the storage closet last night after I got to wondering and thinking about it and dug out the old 832S and it
does indeed have the beige tray. I then decided to go ahead and dug out the old 1633S and [U]low and behold [/U] the same thing
it had the beige tray on it also. Then my curiosity got the best of me so I decided to dig a little deeper and found the good
ol’ 1693S and it has the black tray so I can now [B]safely[/B] say I haven’t seen a beige tray on a Liteon since the good ol’ 1693S. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I got my 20a1p this week from newegg, retail box, black face and tray.

getit29 lol after reading your post a few days ago my curiosity also got the best of me and I did the same thing :slight_smile: Yes my 1693S also has a Black tray but whats really strange is the 160P6S has a black tray and the model after it the 165P6S has a Beige tray :confused:
Lite-on should not only include a Black and Beige bezels in the retail pack but also a second tray with a different color :slight_smile:
and to keep Cressida happy some Black lingerie :slight_smile:

All my drives, a 18A1H (retail), 20A1H (retail) and 20A1P (bulk), have a beige tray. :frowning:

Thanks mognegna for Comfirming my curiosity :slight_smile: it sounds like lite-on is using both Black and Beige trays on the same model drive. maybe 50/50 :slight_smile: