Liteon LH-20A1P 20x burning DVD at 2.5x

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Well I got an LH-20A1P as a replacement to my old 16x LiteOn DVD Writer. I was facing problems in reading DVD’s in XP normal mode, so I had to shift the mode of the IDE controller to IPO Only. Check this thread for my previous post.

Now, the thing was that my DVD was working fine (reading) in safe mode. I am not sure why , maybe safe mode goes to IPO only mode by default. Anyway , so I tried burning a dvd from safe mode initially and it took 25 minutes for a 16 X Disc to burn.

After fixing my problem of the DVD not being able to read in normal mode, I tried burning a DVD R. It took 25 minutes again. Now the writer supports 20X burning and since the DVD R is 16x, it should burn at 16x at least. That’s not happening…

The following is a screenshot of Nero Dvd Speed. As you can see the burning starts at about 2.5X and it doesnt go about 2X.

My DVD drive is on a 40 pin IDE. But I have had my original 16x drive on the same cable and that used to burn at 16X without a problem. I could burn a DVD in about 8 minutes flat…

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Put it back into DMA mode & use an 80wire cable if you want to read or burn at more than 2x - 4x.

But it gives an I/O error while reading DVD’s if I put it on DMA mode. That’s why I put it to IPO only mode.

Plus I don’t think my motherboard supports and 80 pin IDE cable. How would I know ? It’s always been this cable only and as I mentioned earlier , my previous 16x dvd writer was burning at decent speeds on the same cable.

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I changed the cable to an 80 pin. By changing the cable my previous problem of the drive not reading dvd’s on DMA mode has also gone away. Now My drive’s set to use DMA if available and is on an 80 pin IDE cable.

Here is a screenshot of the speed graph after the change.

It starts at 6x and goes upto 16x. The average burn speed is about 12x. Why is this not 16x as it should be ? Is this usually the case ? Does the speed increase gradually ?

Thank’s for your help. :bow:

Sameer :disagree:

Everything is now exactly as it should be. Read & write speeds are progressive just as in your transfer rate test.

Great!! , thanks for the help !