LiteOn LH-20A1L SATA Scans and media performance

Just grabbed a LiteOn 20X LH-20A1L SATA BL02 lightscriber. So far 18X burn with 16.3X read with Sony D21 +R media.

Curiously only a 16x Burn speed w/ MCC004 Verbatims!?! but 16.3X DVD+R read speed. Scans to follow. Anyone know a good 20X media for this big gun? MCSE is only reading the DVD-R/-RW part of the firmware no +R or +RW info given. Ill say this : LEad in times are 50% longer, burn quality isnt as good as I hoped. Samsung SH162L and 182D have better error correction and read qualities, but still not too shabby.

Acer/Benq DW1600 DVD+R Died 6mo
Memorex 16X16X DVD+R Died 4mo
HP 840i 16X DVD+R (LG 4166B) Died 4mo
HLDS GCC 4241N Slim Combo Lives 4 Years+!
HLDS GWA4040 4X Slim Lives 4 Years+
Sony CRX210 Combo Lives after 2 years Xcellent Combo drive
Samsung TSST L632 8X Slim Lives 3 mo so far- OK drive
Samsung SH-S162L 16X lives 1.5 years so far- best error corrector/reliable/ripper-but tad slow.
Samsung SH-S182D 18X lives so far 1 year- a versatile drive
Liteon IT LH-20A1L 20X SATA New toy!-seems Quick

Backup of the Guardian- LH20A1 seems a decent error corrector but Samsungs 182D and 162L still reign as reading champs at the cost of speed!

BL02 Firmware? I’m on BL01 and can’t find BL02 anywheres :<

Hey!.. same here!.. Drabe did your drive came with that firmware or did you updated yourself?

also u should scan at 8x not at maximum speed for getting a reliable quality result

Actually strangely enough I get better scans at 16X on this drive than 8X, this drive doesn’t seem to follow that rule of thumb as my 20A1H does :S I find the 16X more accurate as the results closely resemble scans on my BenQ1640…As shown below…

Anyone looking for the BL02 firmware, give me ur email and Ill see what i can do. I’be backed up my BL02 firmware and i can send i that. Got my new 20A1L OEM at newegg. The best store ever.

Sony 48X CDR Supremas Accucore Media, impressive performance. Not a single C2 error, max 18 C1 errors! Interesting how the max burnspeed is only 32X. But for a perfect burn… Small price to pay. Media burnt by 20A1L. Sammy S182D outfoxed by the 20A1L in read speed and a C1 .02 better Error correction.


Unfortunately, Lite-ON DVD writers are not very useful CD scanners as they do not report C1/C2 stage errors fully. The disc may have E22 errors & the C1 errors are in reality much higher than reported by that drive.

An 8X redux of the guardian for u hardcore! Lets see how a sammy compares! Near Identical! Interesting… better scans @ higher speed! like the ArcuFox said!
Also lets switchup the media. The all-core standard of a Verbatim 16X DVD+R MCC04- a Backup of the movie Deja Vu Lot 5283EXXXXXX, not that PAPA6XXXXXX garbage to come.

i’m new to lite-on and disc scanning, but figured i’d share my latest anyways.
the disc media is sony branded dvd-r burned at 12x.