Liteon LH-20A1L Not Working at all



Hi, I am having a big problem with my brand new Liteon SATA LH-20A1L.
It cannot recognize any media and freezes up Explorer.exe. I can see it in My Computer as a drive just fine and I have run the latest firmware updates (BL06). Also when I look at it in My Computer it doesn’t show what kind of media is inserted. Please help!


Hi :slight_smile:
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Need more information.
For example motherboard, drivers used (nVidia - MS).
On board controller or PCI SATA card.


ASUS A8n SLI Premium
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+
2.21 GHz, 2.50 GB of RAM
Nvidia Geforce 6600
Onboard Controller I believe


Hi :slight_smile:
Well thanks for the information.
I believe that the problem is that the on board SATA controller doesn’t work with ODD’s (OpticalDiscDrives).
Things you can try.
Check the bios & make sure the SATA controller isn’t set to RAID.
If using the nVidia drivers for your board.
Uninstall & try the Microsoft ones.
If no luck, you might have to either return the drive (if that’s an option open to you).
Get an IDE version.
Alternatively get a PCI SATA controller card.
If you do this, just make sure the card is based on SiliconImage chipset.



Checked the bios, SATA controller isn’t set to RAID.
I’m confused about the nVidia drivers for the board. Do you mean the nvidia graphics card or something else?