LiteOn LH-20A1L DVD-RAM troubles

Just bought this device (LiteOn LH-20A1L, BL05 firmware) and it is great for cd and dvd burning but for the device driver I am using, it is hell on earth.

I have an LG DVD-COMBO drive that came with BHA corp’s DVD-RAM driver and failing to find any other on the net’, I am using that one to read from and write to DVD-RAM DISCS to th LiteOn drive.

Talk about slow!!! It takes nearly 3/4 of an hour to copy 688meg of data off this device but with the LG, only around 5 minutes. To copy files to the device is just as bad.

I went to view images in thumbnail mode and it took nearly 45 seconds just to show one thumbnail??? This is ridiculous! Sent email to LiteOn global and no response 2 days later and from what i read in the frum, that’s about what I can expect.

Does anyone know of a DvD-Ram driver specifically for this drive or a firmware fix for this before I tear my hair out? The speeds this works at are like the tech available 19 years ago.


What’s the read speed on that drive, if it is low you will get this problem

Don’t know, but I’ll find out. Burning dvd and cd is fine and fast. Just DvD-Ram speed is the problem. I’m now sitting here for 2 hours, waiting for the drive to copy 300meg of data to the disk, something that my lg drive would have done in around 5 to 8 minutes or less. Crazy

DVD-RAM for the drive should be 12x;it all depends on what the write speed is for the disk.

LiteOn burners are generally pretty bad for RAM writing. I’ve had 3 different models that were all unrelaible. Uninstall the driver you have and get the Panasonic RAM driver for WinXP. It’s posted around here somewhere, maybe the LG or NEC forums.