LiteOn LH-20A1H / Verbatim incompatibility

I have found that LiteOn LH-20A1H (maybe other models too) is incompatible with the new batch of Verbatim LightScribe DVD-R media.

I purchased a 30pk spindle of Verbatim LightScribe media from the same reputable supplier I have been buying from for several years. I noticed a different packaging immediately: in the past, the same disks were in a 50pk spindle box with styrofoam-like spacers at the bottom; the new one came in a 30pk spindle box with shrink wrap on top. They still had the same Verbatim #95339. The only “extra” that I noticed was RM#171487

Now to the tests: ImgBurn with LH-20A1H shows these new disks as “Complete”. Nero shows these disks as “Finalized” with no sessions written. DVD Identifier shows unknown manufacturer with 576Gb (!) of space available on disk.
The same drive works with Verbatim #95339 from the old batch.
I tried it with firmware LL0C and LL0D - same results. Any other media - no problems.
Since one can never have too many DVD writers :p, I decided to buy Samsung SH-S203S. Sammy had absolutely no problems with the disks - they all show as “Empty” with media code MCC03RG20.

I have to conclude that this is a compatibility issue between LH-20A1H and new batch of Verbatim LightScribe DVD-R. :a

Same problem with a Samsung (TSST) and CD-R Verbatim Glossy printable: no way to burn a good audio quality CD-R.

TDK is better and with a better compatibility.