LiteOn LH-20A1H Trouble, Burn freezes computer..?

I’ve just received a new LH-20A1H-185 (RMA’d an SHM-165H6S), and it’s giving me nothing but grief.

I installed it, and after upgrading the firmware to LL0C, all attempts to burn a Taiyo Yuden Premium Line 8x DVD+R (TYG02) have locked up the computer. In Nero, the ‘Used Read Buffer’ bar fills to 100%, and the ‘Completed’ bar gets to 1%, but the ‘Buffer Level’ never moves from zero and the ‘Action’ remains in ‘Lead-in’. The same thing happens in ImgBurn. The drive sounds like it spins up a little (very quietly) at first, and is spinning the whole time, and the LED on the front blinks steadily the whole time (about one blink per second, I think), but nothing happens. When I try to hit ‘Cancel’ in either burning program, or hit Ctrl+Alt+Del, the pointer turns into an hourglass and after a few seconds the entire computer freezes – I have to hit the reset button on the case to reboot.

I’ve tried Nero 6, Nero 7 and ImgBurn; firmwares LL07 and LL0C; two different IDE ribbon cables; and have formatted and reinstalled Windows (XP SP2), only to have the same thing happen every time. I’ve spent all day trying to get this thing to work!

I’m assuming the drive is simply DOA, and I should just RMA it again, but is there anything else I should try before giving up?

Any help’s much appreciated!

sure there is no problem with your box?
it’s probably not the writer at all

The BIOS recognizes the drive, and it shows up in Device Manager and ‘My Computer,’ just the read buffer never fills and the computer freezes on burn.

Could it still be the computer even though I reformatted and reinstalled Windows? What problems could cause this; what should I check?

I would try a known good burner before RMAing and repeating the cycle all over again. Your problem sounds like a software conflict of some kind. Have you checked to see if you’re in UDMA mode in device manager? Do you have multiple burning programs installed that may be creating a conflict? First eliminate any computer issues before sending any more drives back and forth.

Is the writer in UDMA 4 mode? (device manager/ ide controller)
Is XP overall stable? or happens freezing in other programs as well?
What exactly is your hardware?

Sheesh. No wonder I couldn’t find anyone else with similar symptoms – the problem was my own ignorance!

The BIOS had been automatically designating the IDE controller the drive is on to ‘DMA 2’. Overriding it to ‘UDMA 4’ in Device Manager seems to have fixed the problem, and my first few test discs have burned just fine.

Thanks very much for the help, guys!