Liteon LH-20A1H sucks

Compared to my LG GSA-H22N, this drive edit big time.

Even though its riplocked, the LG consistantly drive outrips, outreads, and outburns my Lite-On LH-20A1H disc after disc after disc.

The LG has read scratched discs that the Lite-On will not even acknowlege as being in the drive.

The Lite-On cannot even burn a Sony 16x single layer disc @12X and it play in my standalone, a task that my LG handles with ease.

I’m thinking of killing this drive with my taser and RMA’ing it.

Anyone else have problems out of this drive?

hey buddy, I have LH-16A1p. it used to kill alternate DVD’s while burning. This issue got resolved all by itself. Now it cannot read CD’s. To read a DVD after burning it, I had to restart the PC. I am having terrible time with this. I would never ever buy a liteon product again.

Thank you for your opinion evil_lurker. I’m sure people will take it into consideration before buying a LiteOn 20A1H.

Personally I’m very impressed with my LiteOn 20A1H and I have compared it to my BenQ 1655, LG H12N and Samsung 182D. If I had to go out and buy just one drive today, it would be the LiteOn.

Also your language is unacceptable on this forum and we don’t support illegal activities such as deliberately damaging a drive so it can be returned. Please read our rules before posting again. :cop: