Liteon LH-20A1H Problem

My problem with this drive is that is making alot of coasters.i replace the lg dvd
for this liteon and is making me very using verbatim 16x media at 4x speed or 2x speed with the same results,im using nero 8 and imgburn with the same results.the drive is new only made 5 backups,and all backups with the same problem.the drive is a retail and it came with firmware LLOC.can somebody tell me if this can be fix or do i have to get a replacement.

uuuhhhmmmm, go to to see if you have the latest firmware. If not flash your drive with the updates. Goodluck.

yes it is the latest.that was the first thing i did

What speeds are you able to retain when burning or reading of the disks you have done?

Oh also check the driver installed for this device in the device manager.

If all that is okay then post your system cofig and hardware for me next.

Burning slowly does not result in better quality burns, infact it can cause the burn to be worse due to the firmware not supporting it and the dye in the disc getting over exposed to the laser.

Try a burn at 12x and see how good it is. Can you also do a scan of the 12x burn (scan at 8x) using the liteon so we can see the results.

Does this firmware 9LO8 works with this drive.somebody told me that he try this firmware and fix the problem. also i did the scan of one of my copy’s burn at 4x.

i check the driver in device manager and the driver date is 7/1/2001 and the driver version is 5.1.2535.0

You want to use a different drive’s firmware so you can burn 16x media at 4x and/or 2x. Why? :rolleyes: The problem that’s causing you to be angry is your unwillingness to burn at faster speed, it’s not the media or burner. Flashing to a 20A1S will void the warranty on the burner, if any left.

my drive is capable of burning 2x and 4x,i dont need to flash it with a diferent firmware to do so, somebody told me that it will fix the problem flashing it with that firmware.

This is a copy burn at 12x with no coasters

Reading what you posted I noticed the Label name “Mario Brothers” I don’t recall what system your trying to play that disc in? Crossflashing will void your warranty and cause more problems for your hardware. Are you sure your source is a working source???

This is the mario brothers movie and it plays fine in my dvd player.i test one copy burn at 4x with coasters and it work ok.the other one burn at 12x no coasters work ok too,so that means that i cant burn at low speed or ill have coasters,i always like to burn at 4x.