LiteOn LH-20A1H issues?



I have been searching and posting for some time about issues I been having with my LH-20A1H LL07 drive of not being to read certain dvd media while being able to read the same media from the same batch? I know the media is not at fault cause I can play them on a Sony standalone player and it plays the dvd. But on my brother liteon LDW-811S will read and play the dvd media? The media I had problems so far was with Simpson season 8 dvd 4 and evangelion end of evangelion and now a anime Gundam dvd 10. I think there something with the firmware update that is causing the read problem or that fact that I have Anydvd on my computer. Because I had anydvd on my computer before and didn’t seem to have a problem with backing up my dvd’s but now I starting to wonder is it with the liteon firmware not matching up with the dvd formatting? If anyone knows more about this problem could they inform me more? Also I haven’t seen James or Olli post more info to help explain what are the issues pertaining to liteon drive and if they are testing to see why the drive aren’t reading properly with their software?


Update !! I switched my 20A1H with my older 832S model and was able to read those dvd media that my 20A1H wasn’t able to or wanted to read. All the settings and software are the same just the drive was switched. Now I am incline to believe that it’s either a hardware issue or firmware issue with the drive.


Try to clean the drive.


Done that already many times…lens clearner and lens cloth cleaner…

I serious think there is some flaw in hardware or firmware on the LH20A1H…


Yes i’ve read here about a lot of trouble with that drive and AnyDVD. Maybe they will fix it with f/w update. I had some problems with my 20A1P and AnyDVD and also with other issues and KL0A fixed all my problems as far as i can find now. If you don’t use LS much maybe you can cross flash to 20A1P KL0A and see if it helps but it will void your warranty.

I’m not sure how to cross flash but maybe someone else knows. It’s the same hardware minus the LS.


I know it has to be a hardware or firmware flaw as I can switched to my 832S with the same settings and software on the same desktop without any changes except the drive and the 832S will read the dvd media the 20A1H will not read. I even followed the live tech support and switched my drive to master from slave and still same problem. So unless someone has a better firmware or stable or fixed firmware from liteon - I think it a problem liteon needs to fix on their drives. I will still use the drive but will keep my 832S around til I know they fixed the problem.


Hmmm. Interesting that LL07 doesn’t sort it out…


I have LL07 firmware on the 20A1H but that didn’t seem to resolve the reading dvd media.


Update I reconfigured my computer setup and now I have both the 20A1H and 832S in use in my system. And since if one is having problem it would show up on the other drive not being able to run or use its functions but as it turns out the 832S will still read dvd media that the 20A1H will not read. The lite on support told me it probably due to the firmware difference but I think there is more to this problem and that they need to do more test and find out what is making the 20A1H drive unable to do simple read functions on dvd that the 832S was able to read.


Hi, I had same problem with LH-20A1H. It would not read some movies. I updated firmware to LLOA, problem resolved.


LLOA where did you find that firmware version? The only I was able to search and find was LL07? And was was your region setting?