LiteOn LH-20A1H - Best Burn Quality? - Which Firmware?

Hi guys,

I just got a new LiteOn LH-20A1H. What I want to do is to install the best stock or patched firmware that will give me the Best Quality Burns on a wide range of media. I don’t really care about being able to burn at faster than normal speeds, or having the fastest burn time, etc. I have tried reading through various threads here, but to be honest it is all a little confusing to me. My question is, which firmware & with what settings enabled / disabled will give me the best burn quality? I know the LL07 is the newest firmware. So, the question is, do I use stock, eos, fb, both, then what do I do in the SmartBurn thing, i.e. (disable smartburn?, Force Hyper Tuning?, Over Speed Writing?, Online Hyper Tuning?). Sorry if this has already been answered, but if someone could just tell me exactly which fw to use, and which settings to enable, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


In my experience, Online HyperTuning made everything worse until I installed LL07 w/FB & EOS. Now, OHT improves almost all of my burns. I have everything enabled in the SmartBurn utility on this FW, and they’re the best burns I’ve ever gotten out of this drive.

Ok, so if I understand you correctly, you downloaded and installed codeguys LL07 w/ eos and fb first. Then you downloaded codeguys test version of smart burn, and checked all the boxes? There are four boxes, “Disable Smart Burn”, “Force Hyper Tuning”, “Over Speed Writing”, and “Online Hyper Tuning”. Did you check all of them, even disable smart burn, because that sounds counter to the others? Thanks again.


No, all of them are enabled. Lite-On likes to confuse its customers. Leave “Disable SmartBurn” unchecked.

that’s not confusing. it clearly says what will happen if you check the box.

It’s still inconsistent. What logic is behind having a check mark enable particular features but disable others? It’s obviously confusing to some people; the OP is evidence of that.

Regardless, with codeguy’s fully patched LL07, I get better burns when all features are enabled. However, there are hiccups every once in a while. My first MAXELL 002’s @12X burned really well. 2-3/500 PIF max/total, but this fifth one is garbage with over 30,000 PIF. I wouldn’t advise using the enhanced overspeed on precious data unless you plan on doing a disc quality scan.

Thank you for your replies. Adre, that makes it clear, thanks. I did what you said, and then I made the following test disc with Nero CD-DVD Speed. This is for YUDEN000T02 burned @ 8x. This seems fairly good to me. Is this about what to expect for this type of media? Thanks.


Yeah, that’s a really good scan. What’s more, if that’s your first T02 burn, HyperTuning will learn to burn it even better. :slight_smile:

Well, that is great to know. So it can only get better from here :slight_smile: Once again, thanks for your help.


I am new here, also just got the 20A1H and having all kind problems with the burner, current firmware is ll07 from lite-on website, sometime i get coaster in nero using Taiyo 8x burn at 8x, and cannot rip any dvd at all mine nec 3550 work fine, any idea or I have a bad drive.