LiteOn LH-20A1H a Two Sheep Burner? Not So Much



So, I’ve got a few CD games that I’ve been backing up with Alcohol 52%. Just for fun, I tried to rip my Age of Empires II (1999) as a “Normal CD” at 2X speed. AOE2 uses, I’m told, the original SafeDisc copy protection. Since the LH-20A1H is supposedly a two sheep burner, I should be able to copy any CD protected by SafeDisc 2.9 and below without the aid of software tricks. However, my LH-20A1H still gets hung up on the weak sectors. What gives?

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Getting read errors when you copy your SafeDisc CD is normal and part of the protection they’ll stop around 10500 depending on the drive this could take a few minutes or hours. Alcohol 52% is just for creating an image and can’t burn your image you’ll need Alcohol 120% which is not free. Normal SafeDisc settings should do the job in Alcohol or you can also check out this thread for free alternatives which will also work with this old SafeDisc title.


If I remember right I was able to use clonecd with my old lite on cdrw burner and backup my AOEII just like the original disk. Also what firmware version are you using? What was the speed you backup the disc at 2x and also make sure you get a good quality media and last but make sure your letting the program be the only running program and not multitasking other applications as this is another reason leading to bad burns as the CPU needs all the resources.


I know that Alcohol 52% will be able to emulate just fine with the read errors skipped. However, I’m interested in making actual CD-R backups, so those weak sectors need to be read in order to keep the SafeDisc protection happy, right? Since AOE2 uses, I think, the original SafeDisc protection, my LH-20A1H, as a two sheep burner, should be able to copy the disc bit for bit without the aid of software tricks. Am I right, or did I misunderstand how the sheep test works?


^ Since it’s safedisc 1 you don’t even need a 2 sheep burner. All you need is a reader/writer combination that can read and write in a raw mode.


I downloaded the Alcohol 120% trial and re-ripped the disc with the SafeDisc 2/3/4 (EFM*Writer) profile. Then, I burned it in RAW DAO-16 mode. Everything seems to be working fine. Thanks. :slight_smile:
What extra does an EFM rip include anyway?