Liteon LH-20A1H-487C 20xDVD±RW/DL LightScribe Retail - Advice Needed?

Hi All,

I have been left no choice but to shop around for a new DVD/RW drive, since last week going to burn my first disc in many months and finding that my Philips DVDR16LSK/00 is recognised by my pc but the eject / tray just doesn’t open under it’s own steam. I can’t believe how since the last time it was used and it only been used approx 25times in the past 25months I have had it, that it can just suddenly cock up :sad:

I have tried everything I know from un-installing, removing the drive totally and rebooting, then shutting the pc down and re attaching the drive, having it recognised by the pc, re installing the drivers and software and so on but to no avail…

So anyway it seems I can’t try anything else to rescue this drive :confused: and I have been reading through some articles on here, firstly it seems there is sooooo very much more to just buying a drive, plonking it in your pc standard manufacturer spec and throwing any kind of media in…

Can somebody in layman’s terms explain to me why and which Firmware should only ever be updated onto one’s drive, as I know the manufacturers advise to do so from their sites as often changes have been made to the intricate workings of drives since they were made and shipped to go on sale kind of thing… :confused:

So can people who have the LITEON LH-20A1H in their pc’s please tell me up to date what you think about it, pro’s and con’s as it has had a couple of months out in the UK market place now.

I am just after a good budget priced drive that will scan and write up towards good quality results and accepts fairly mediocre priced media.

As this drive is a 20x is there much difference between 18x over 20x :confused:

An on line store I use frequently and trust has the:

Liteon LH-20A1H-487C 20xDVD±RW/DL LightScribe Beige, Black & Silver Bezels - Retail With Nero for £30.67 Inc VAT & Delivery …is that a good price do you think?

Any guidance in any of the above question’s will be gratefully receieved. :bow:



I have a LH-20A1P which is a good performer.

Not a lot. Despite the high write speed, the LH-20 is not a
particularly fast drive because it spends the best part of
a minute doing it’s pre-burn power calibration (OPC).

Sounds about right if the delivery charge is around £5.