Liteon lh-20a1

Can anyone help or advise?
I have just purchased the above dvd writer and some verbatim 16x discs ADVDInfo: MCC 03RG20.
I am reading from pioneer 108 usb 2 burner to liteon.It took 15 mins to copy 4.3 gig disc to disc using nero 8 ultra edition.
Settings are in DMA mode device 0 = ultra dma mode 4 and device 1 = ultra DMA mode 2.I had jumper to liteon set to master as requested but it would not read discs so i have set it to cable select and it now reads fine.
If i put Ritek G05 media into liteon and set burn speed to 8x it only recognises it as a 4x burner?but in pioneer 107d which has latest firmware it will burn at 8x?