Liteon lh-20a1

i recently purchased this burner along with some verbatim 16x dvd-r media.i have set the burner to master and have a pioneer 107d as slave.both have latest firmware.device 0 is set to ultra dma mode 4 and device 1 is set to ultra dma mode 2.i am burning using nero 8 ultra edition,reading sorce from pioneer 108 with latest firmware and burning to liteon lh-20a1.i have today burnt 4.35gb in 12 mins their something wrong with the discs as i am getting bad time results.i can use ritek G05 and burn in about 8 mins 30 secs using old pioneer 107d burner with latest firmwarereading from pioneer 108

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Out of curiosity, are you burning on the fly?

If you use the Copy Disc option in Nero 8 StartSmart, it’ll do it on the fly by default (instead of copying an image on the HDD, then burning), as I found out yesterday.

If that’s the case, you may want to put the drives on seperate IDE cables, as I see your source and destination drives are both on the same cable. Either that, or copy an image to the HDD first, which will take longer but less chance of coasters.

how do i put them on different cables?their are only 2 top and bottom drives

Your best best is to copy to the HDD first, then burn. BTW, the Litey is an excellent and fast reader :wink:

i have loads to copy takes tolong to burn to h/d

Putting them on seperate IDE cables may even not be an option unless you have both IDE channels free. In other words, you have an SATA HDD which doesn’t take up an IDE channel.

Still, what I would say is this: it sounds like the problem stems from you copying on the fly from drives on the same IDE cable. You can carry on as you are, but burn times won’t be as fast as they would be if you were burning from the HDD.

yes i know i copied dvd image using dvd decrypter it took 7 minutes.i have always burnt this way only had problem with this liteon burner.i think a lot of it is down to the lead in can take as long as 1 min 40 secs to start burning.if i knew this i would not of bought it.i have ordered pioneer 112d which is onits way.dont think their is a long lead in with pioneer burners.
i copy a lot of dvds so it would take me to long to copy them all to H/D first.

Yep, the famous Litey lead-in time will slow things down as well, so the times you quoted in your first post seem about right.

I haven’t heard of the Pios having a long lead-in, but someone could prove me wrong here. If it’s on it’s way, guess you’ll find out soon. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t ditch the Litey completely though, it’s a great reader as I said. I use mine mainly for ripping.

when i put dvd into liteon it does not recognise it have you come across this?

what is pios?

Pio’s = short for “Pioneers”. Sorry, just my shorthand. :slight_smile:

No, I haven’t come across that. Is the DVD pressed, burned, or blank?

its burned

Does it recognise other burned discs?

ive just burnt some jpeg images with nero and it says dvd-r in drive but when you open it their is nothing does this with dvd films as well

No idea, sorry. Perhaps someone else can shed some light, as my own Litey reads everything I feed it.

ive just put same disc into pioneer 107d and it read it straight away