LiteOn LH-18A1P vs. 160P6S Which Burns Better


I ordered a backup for my Burning Computers 160P6S - and they sent me a LH-18A1P-

Need some advice as to which is better - and should I return the wrong one-eh?


I have a SHM-165P6S and an LH-20A1P which are equivalent hardware to the drives you ask about. I think the quality variation between individual drives is bigger than the difference in burn quality between the two series of drives.

I think the 6S series drives are less quirky than the newer drives however, and I like the fact that my 165P6S is more picky when used for scanning DVDs compared to my 1635S and 20A1P, but again that might be more due to individual drive variation.

Personally I’d choose the 160P6S over the 18A1P, but if I got the 18A1P I wouldn’t bother trying to replace it.

That’s my two eurocents’ worth.

I’ll agree with DrageMester the 160 series drives are a lot less quirky than the newer drives and that is one
reason I use my 160P6S a lot more to burn with than either of my other drives the 20A1P and the 20A1S.
The 160P6S is getting very hard to get a hold of one of them AFAIK they are not making them anymore.
I sent a 160P6S back that had problems that I had bought for my girlfriend a few months ago and they said
that they couldn’t get one to replace it with so they just gave me a complete refund instead. :doh: