Liteon LH-18A1P or SHM-165P6S?



Can anyone tell me the difference and which is better?


LH-18A1P is the newer generation.
LH-18A1P supports 12x DVD-RAM (hardly used anyway), 18x DVD[U]+[/U]R burning, while the 165P6S only supports 5x DVD-RAM and 16x DVD[U]+[/U]R burning. :slight_smile:

Some users here like the SHM-165P6S more, but I would recommend the LH-18A1P as it can also be crossflashed to 20x burning LH-20A1P. :slight_smile:


Thanks. The LH-18A1P it is, then.

$77 here in Australia (that’s $60USD)


buy the 18a1p. and if you want can flash it to a 20a1p with the help of the “animal”


Can you tell me from whence I may obtain this “animal”, which I assume is some kind of firmware?



Hey. sorry for the bump, but I’m trying to decide between these 2 [B]external[/B] burners:

  • Lite-On [B]165P6S[/B]U
  • HP dvd940e (rebadged Lite-On[B] 18A1H[/B] - correct me if I’m wrong)

Both are excelent [U]scanners[/U], right? (I need a reliable scanner)

But which one is the best [U]burner[/U] and [U]reader[/U] (i.e. good compatibility and disc recognization)? I don’t need 18X/20X, though.

Also, do you confirm that the HP can be flashed with the Lite-On 20A1P/H firmware?