LiteOn LH-18A1P burning problem

I’ll First say: Hi. I’m new on this forum.

I have a problem. I have LH-18A1P for a cuple of months. When I burn a movie on a Traxdata dvd+rw, he do his work perfectly. But when I burn a movie on a Traxdata, Verbatim or Philips dvd+r, he makes a weird sound. After that, he complete burning. When I drop my dvd in the dvdplayer from my pc. He don’t do it or rotating…plays…stops…plays…stops…plays… (etc.).

What’s the problem. Dvd+rw works good and dvd+r doesn’t work.

I’m not english, that the reason for my bad english.
Maybe it’s with a cuple of years better…

Here is the log from DVD Shrink:

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MAXTOR STM3320820AS 3.AA nvstor64 Port 2 ID 0 DMA: Off

Is DMA enabled for your HDD and DVD burner?

GeerBot, save the Shrink output as an ISO image and burn with ImgBurn at 8 or 12x. :slight_smile:

BTW skelton, Nero can’t report propper DMA mode on drives connected to nVidia 64bit controller.

For my HDD is DMA off, i don’t edited my log.
I don’t know where I can find DMA off or on is for my DVD burner.

Is this a problem when it is off or on?

Like Pinto2 says, you can’t always tell when you are using
Nvidia drivers. I’m using Linux so I don’t know much about
it. I think you can check the speed of your SATA HDD in
the Windows Device Manager. I would expect it to be
around 60 to 100MB/s.

Try doing a test burn using the Create Disc tab in
CD-DVD Speed and post the results here.

By device manager under IDE ATA/ATAPI-controllers is ATA Channel 0.
When I do: right click properties > advanced. I see that DMA checked on.

Results of the CD-DVD Speed test:

@Pinto & Skelton:

What do you mean with that? nVidia 64bit controller is a different thing as a burner?

I got somtimes a interface.exe error.
I Googled on it and it says something about the nVidia driver.

If you have a old version you have that…