LiteOn LH-18A1H -Lite-On LH-18A1P

Can someone explain the differences between these two drives. I know they both support 18X burning for Taiyo Yuden 16X media both + and dash, but exactly what are the other differences. What would make you choose between the two? They seem to have the same specs, ( I may be wrong), I just want to know why Liteon would introduce 2 different drives that seem so much the same. Thanks for any input.

LightScribe on H model, is the only difference.
Same as LH-20A1P vs LH-20A1H

Its quite funny because they sell these two drives on and no mention is made of Lightscribe ability on the H. Are the firmwares of each interchangable?

This is right, only lightscribe.

I would like to know if the firmware GL0B (for the P drive) is newer/better that its correspondent HL03 (on the H drive).

Well I have the P with the GLOB firmware and its okay but had I known that the only medias that would be supported at 18X would be TYG03 and Yuden000-T03-000 I would not have purchased this drive. The Samsung 18X drive supports MCC004 at 18X and other media codes also, I get very good results with the Taiyo Yuden media with the P, but aside from burning at 18X I see no upside to this drive at this time, versus the other Liteon drives that only support 16X.

Even with OverSpeed on in SmartBurn?

Firmwares are, and are not :wink:
Uploading H firmware into P drive won’t enable Lightscribe, as P lacks phisically LS support.
Uploading P firmware into H will convert it into P drive.
I assume that after looking into P and H drives :slight_smile: If you are interested i could publish photos.

AFAIK crossflashing is not enabled yet, due to some drive ID in firmware which causes drive not-working.

Even with Overspeed enabled… in fact 18x appears in the list but at the end of the burn the speed slows down to 8 or 6x. Tested on some Verbs 004.
However the resulting burn quality is good.

With overspeed on I get 18x no problem on Verbs.

I thought you were after this drive so you could turn it into a BenQ alan.

You guys are right with Overspeeding enabled MCC004 does burn @ 18X. Do most you enable everything in Smartburn?

Poor Picture, I am trying a new Resizing program.

I already did turn it into a BenQ and did not like it at all, so I turned back into a Liteon when GLOB was available, now the firmware just needs to be tweaked and it will be a good drive.:confused:

Hi all ! This is my first post and am trying to understand something correctly.I have a LH-18A1P coming(actually 3 but 2 are for customers)and are you’ll saying that I can flash this drive and it will give it Lightscribe support? Also,it seems that CodeKing is nice to enough to develop firmware for these drives and which firmware do yall feel is the best firmware to get for this drive?Thanks to all for taking the time to help us out !One last question,it seems the favorite media here seems to be TY.Where is the “cheapest” place with best service to get this brand.I really prefer to try to burn at 18X if you have a “favorite” brand that is best for 18X support please let me know.Thanks again !

NO, there is no way to flash this drive into the H model with Lightscribe support, it lacks the hardware. There is no way to flash a non Lightscribe drive into one with Lightscribe with a firmware flash, at least not this one.

Any thoughts on what firmware you would use on this drive and where to find it?If its in the forum I can search for it once I know what its named. And thank you for responding so quickly.

newest firmware for the 18A1P:

I have everything on in Smartburn. I have not had time to test much though
to see what the best combination is.

What is the advantage of this newer firmware?

here’s a newer one:
every new firmware is an advantage, especially when the drives are in this early state like the 18A1x/20A1x.

I have tested some things and HT is of no use in most cases and make the result worse compared to HT off. But with OHT on most burns get a little bit better, especially a smother PIE curve.

So I would recoment OHT on and HT off.