LiteOn LH-18A1H - is it good? (I'm noob :P)


Since I want to buy a new DVD writer that can write all kinda discs and has LightScribe, I searched and searched and finally found the LiteOn LH-18A1H. But I know about nothing about how I can see if a quality scan result is good or bad and so all those many quality scans posted about this writer are useless to me. Anyway, I don’t care about perfect results. The discs I burn just need to be readable by DVD-players and computer drives, even if the disc I use is something cheaper like a Verbatim. Also it should be as fast as it promises to be. Means if I burn at 16x or 18x, it should at least burn faster than 12x. :stuck_out_tongue:
LightScribe images burnt on my disc should have a very good quality (compared to the quality that is possible with LightScribe).
It should be able to create good quality images of audio and game CDs/DVDs with Alcohol. It may of course be louder when e.g. copying files to my hard drive but when watching a DVD movie it should not be loud. So what I would like to know now is if anybody can tell me if the LiteOn LH-18A1H can achieve all of this.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The firmware for this drive is not mature yet and the drive lacks the ability to burn using the faster P-CAV RPM for 8x and 12x. At this time I would personally think that you would be better off with a 6S drive, unless you never intend to burn at anything less than 16x and you are happy to wait for newer firmware. :wink:

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I wish I had seen this before I bought mine. I record a lot from tv and rip to my PC using DVD+RW. Having done this for a while i offer the following observation.
The LH-18A1P burns pretty good on most media. About as well as my 160P6s Burner. The 106PS6 rips at 16x. The LH-18A1P rips at about 10X. I have noticed in the last couple of days that if you don’t set it to DVD-ROM everyday it reverts back to +R. I reboot everyday, and that is what it looks like to me. I don’t think it is a very good buy right now. It also is the loudest drive I have. I think I will pull it and put the NEC 3350 back in until I get the 7170A Drive.

But loud only when it is working, like burning or you copy files from it, right?

… why should it make any noise if it’s not working?!

Don’t know, just worried since I ordered two of them o.O … Is it loud when I e.g. watch films from a DVD?
Ripping speed of 10x seems OK, it’s better than my old one. And scans seem quite better, too.

And what is that about P-CAV RPM? Does that mean it does not burn with fullspeed at 8x and 12x?

I have to agree it is the loudest drive I have ever had…

Yes, I forgot about the noise issue. It’s so odd that they have gone backwards in this respect. I understand that the case looks a lot like the BenQ case used to. I can only imagine that they decided to run with the BenQ case but failed to check what the LiteOn mechanism performed like in it and ended up with a lot of noise and a lot of resonance, which is why they can’t use the higher PCAV RPM. For those that don’t understand this I’ll try to explain it. CAV uses a constant RPM and is no problem if the RPM used does not cause any resonance. PCAV uses CAV to start with and then changes to CLV. CLV uses a changing RPM to maintain the same data rate. For the faster 12x burn the RPM changes from about 9500RPM to 6500RPM during the CLV part of the burn (a very large range). For the slower 12x burn RPM it changes from about 7500RPM to 7000RPM during the CLV part of the burn. As you can see, the possibility of hitting a resonant frequency is much less. If the disc resonates it makes it very hard to track and focus, usually resulting in a large increase in the number of errors. For the 5S drives it produced a large PIF error spike at around the 3.1GB point (8000RPM), which is why I notched out this RPM in the 5S fast burn patch to make it work as well as it does (that’s why you get the CAV part in the middle of the CLV section of the burn ;)). LiteOn ultimately did the same thing to the later 6S firmware as well.

Well it means it doesn’t burn as fast as the 5S (with the fast burn patch) and the 6S with stock firmware. For a 12x burn it’s about 7:15 verses 6:30 burn time. 8x is roughly 15 seconds slower.

How about a patch for the 18A1P so we can have quality and speed at 8x and 12x.

I’ve already written one for GL03 to increase the 12x burn speed but it required quite a few changes to the 5S patch and I have no way of testing it. It’s not a patch I would like to try to debug remotely by email or PM. A fair bit of trial and error will be required. :wink:

C0deKing I thought you may have a 18A1P. I hope they are available in your neck of the woods.

I can’t get the 18A1x or the DW1800 here yet, and with this noise issue, I don’t know if I would want to buy one either. I wonder if the 20A1x will be any different?

People say the 18A1 can be crossflashed to the 20A1 so the hardware may be the same. The 18A1 is very noisy.

I’m hoping they may have had time to do something to address the noise issue in the 20A1x.

I Guess we will find out soon. They should be able to minimize resonance at any speed with good design.

What does the 18x version have over the 16x class (160/165) besides 2x in burn speed?

What’s odd is that they had done that with the 6S drive. I suspect some accountant figured the BenQ mechanism was a few cents cheaper than the LiteOn one and this is the result. :rolleyes:

I see no advantage at all. T he 16x class has quality.

It’s a later chipset but I don’t know of any advantages the 18x model has over the 6S model other than the ability to burn a few discs at 18x.

I have buds that don’t even burn at 16x - they stick with 8x cause they get better scans.

Sometimes faster is just too fast. I remember when they came out with 52x CD drives and some cheap disks shattered from the vibration. Wacky.