Liteon LH-16W1P firmware upgrade disaster

I downloaded the new firmware (SL05) and flashed my drive. after i rebooted my pc, it reconizes the drive as a cd-rom only. i am using windows xp and the burner is only 3 months old and barely used. In device manager, if i click on properties of the light on drive, it is listed as a dvd rw drive but will not play any dvd’s much less burn them. Is the burner shot or can i revert back to SL02 which i have downloaded off another site.

remove the writer in device manager and reboot your pc.
after the restart the drive should be correctly recognized.

tried that, as it was installing the new hardware wizard stated it found the dvd drive but after it installed, windows still only reconizes it as a cd rom inly

After i started looking around my pc i noticed that my cd burner that came with my pc is also being detected wrong, it is also being detected as a cd-rom only. i am 100% sure i flashed the right drive so it can’t be i flashed the wrong drive and flashed the cd burner. could this be a windows problem?

What’s your BIOS say about the two drives?


in bios they are identified correctly. also read in another thred on this board that another person was having similar problems but his burner would still burn. i know auto run are not working on either of my burners but i have yet to try and see if they burn

ok my cd burner is a dvd player also. i tried to burn a data disc and it burned the disc properly. however a dvd will not start when inserted nor can i get it to play, haven’t tried the dvd burner yet

Completely normal - WinXP recognises all optical drives as CD-ROM’s, until you put a DVD disc in it, then it recognises it as a DVD-ROM.

Just re-enable the windows autostart feature for the drives (in the drive properties) & install some DVD Player software, or the K-lite Mega Codec Pack.

I have k-lite codec pack. i use bs player. i also went in my registry and the values were right for autoplay. auo ply is also enabled in the dvd rw properties screen. i’m getting so frustrated with this whole thing i have decided if somebody doesn’t have a solution on here by this weekend, i’m jusr gonna re-format the whole hard drive. i do appreciate those who are trying to help me