LiteOn LH-16W1P-364 vs. SHW-160P6S

Yo again-

Newegg has these LH-16W1P-364 in stock - and no stock on the 160P6S for almost three months-

Comments on how the LH-16W1P-364 stands up against the 160P6S-eh?


Hi Mike. The 16W1P can be upgraded to an 18A1P using the EEPROM Utility. You can then also optionally use the FastBurn/EOS firmware to get everything the 160P6S has plus more. The only downside to the 16W1P/18A1P, is that some are not so good at quality scanning DVD-R at 8x. 4x is usually OK.

Yo C0deKing-

Thank you for the information - a vendor has already misshipped a 18A1P to me in-lieu of the 160P6S that I ordered (to backup/replace my 160P6S that you recommended months ago - and that I dearly love and use as my main backup burner) - trying to determine best course of action-

Your recommendation would be sincerely appreciated-eh!

Mike, my 18A1P is a brilliant drive. It also came with 3 face plates, which is pretty cool. It’s only downside is the 8x DVD-R quality scanning I mentioned above, however even this is only minor with my drive, but I understand some drives are worse than others.

Yo C0deKing-

Thank you for the timely response-

Would guess that from other posts that firmware GLOG is the best way to go - as all burns will either be to Verbatim or TY medias-eh?