Liteon LDW851SX DL Firmware?



Hi everyone.

I have been reading this formum with great interest and hope but I haven’t really found my answer for sure so hope someone with more knowledge than me can help.

I have an LDW851SX which is the same as the 851S except it comes with an external USB housing. I have read in these forums that the 851S can be flashed to support DL but was never sure if these drives were the same as mine… some post mentioned different letters infront of the 851S… something like SH??.

Anyway I went on to liteon’s firmware page and downloaded the latest GSOP firmware, mine was previously GSOF. This page mentioned that is was the LDW851SX Duel, so that gave me hope that the firmware would support it. I flashed it and checked with Nero Info but the DL fields were all empty :-(.

When I bought the drive it was never a DL drive so I would like to know if any of you lovely people out there know what to do. Should the liteon’s firmware have worked for me, or should I have used one of the hacked firmwares mentioned in here. There is also talk of a PST3 or something firmware, is this for my drive? I belive that this one is an official liteon firmware, just possibly not posted on their site.

Any info would be superb.


See here:

Yes, it will work on the 851SX. Also read the F.A.Q. for LiteOn Optical Drives at the beginning of this forum.


I have read it and I will most probably download this patched firmware, I am still not clear on a couple of things though

Should flashing to GSOP have given me DL option in nero?

Does Nero 6.3 infotool correctly detect DL capability? I havne’t tried burning DL yet as I have no discs, just want to upgrade firmware first.

Liteon quote my drive as duel now (even though it wasn’t at first) so why does flashing to official firmware not work?

Many thanks for any info.


1/ DVD Dual == Dual FORMAT (+ and -)… +R DL is officially known as double-layer, not dual-layer
2/ No, GS0P will not give you +R DL.
3/ VY08, CG4E, or VS0E are the most up-to-date firmwares that will give your 851SX +R DL.
4/ PST3 is for the SOSW-852S, which is a slimline laptop drive.
5/ Please read this entry in the FAQ regarding crossflashing and the different drive families.


Thanks very much that clear a few thing in my head :slight_smile:

Your brill… keep up the great work


Okay guys I updated my firmware to the CGE version and it seemed to work fine, I went into nero and lo and behold the check boxes for DL now are checked and nero reports the drive as a duel layer drive :slight_smile:

Just a word of warning to anyone else doing this though. Be very careful when you are flashing the drive with an exe as I did. The flash program asks what drive you want to flash, however as its a patched flash there is no check to see if your drive is correct, and if like me you didn’t bother to set the correct drive then it will put a bad flash onto whatever drive you had selected.

I gubbed my sony dvd reader for a couple of hours until I managed to find a new firmware for it, I had to fiddle around with the bios as my PC wouldn’t boot because it was setup to try and boot from CD as an option, and I had to eventually go into DOS and sort it from there…eventually everything is back up and running now though…phew…

So anyway many thanks for all the help, just hope someone else isnt’ a stupid arse like me…you guys have done a great job, I will report back when I get some DVD’s to copy.