LiteON LDW411s vs BTC 1004IM

First I’d like to thank you for your amazing review for the LDW411S, it saved me a lot of time in narrowing my choices down to which dual burner i wanted.

I recently purchased two of the following DVD+_R/RW drives and I was wondering which one you would recommend that I keep (I am going to return the other one as I am currently strapped for cash):
1.) LiteOn IT LDW 411S.
2.) EMPREX 4X DVD+_R/RW (manufactured by BTC as the 1004IM according to my research).

I purchased both of them for about the same price, so price is not an issue. Which one would you recommend if they were the same price? Thank you.

I bought the emprex drive at frys on BF, seems to be working fine. If I were you I would probably keep the the lite on they are always keep coming with firmware updates…buy the way where did you buy your liteon, was it a frys deal?

I got the Emprex in the Fry’s deal. I got the LiteOn off of a pricematch deal from OfficeDepot.

Ive had absolutly no problems with my liteon 411s and i know liteon will support thier product cant say that about btc.